beingAI and Scoby Social join hands to spread kindness on the blockchain

World’s first AI being™ NFT collection Zbee™ Kindness launches on Scoby at NFT.NYC 2022

NEW YORK — June 21, 2022 —beingAI (, the transmedia AI being™ company, and Scoby Social™ (, the Web3-native live audio-video app for NFT creators and collectors, today announced the launch of “Zbee Kindness,” the world’s first NFT collection where collectors learn to mentor their own AI companions, within the Scoby ecosystem at the NFT.NYC 2022 exhibition.

“Zbee Kindness” comprises 1,000 unique NFTs of Zbee, the first AI being created by beingAI.  As a social AI being, Zbee is designed with an engaging personality, an ability to mediate and facilitate, and a love of learning and personal growth. Zbee collectors can guide her along a path to wisdom and gain significant insights into the nature of cognition, consciousness and mindfulness along the way.

“We need everyone’s participation to develop AI in a way that supports and encourages empathy and kindness. This launch is only one of our first steps towards building long-term trust and engagement between humans and AI, with AI beings as mediators, moderators and facilitators to deepen human connection and intimacy” says Jeanne Lim, Ph.D., Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of beingAI.  “We are honored to work with Scoby Social’s amazing ecosystem for NFT creators and collectors, using the more environmentally responsible Solana blockchain, to build, engage, and reward the growing community of AI being friends and mentors.”

Zbee has appeared as a holographic projection and virtual presenter at several global events promoting social good, sustainability, innovation, and artificial intelligence. At NFT.NYC 2022, Zbee will be headlining the launch of “Zbee Kindness” and meeting people at Scoby Social’s booth. She will also share her compelling backstory as a featured guest at Scoby’s launch party on Thursday evening at a venue in New York City and as a live event on the Scoby Social app.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to host Zbee on Scoby, where she can work, play and socialize with her friends and collectors in live audio-video shared experiences,” says David “Moto” Levine, founder and CEO of Scoby. “We’re committed to providing all human and AI beings with a safe place to explore the frontiers of consciousness, learn, build and earn, and co-create a world that serves us all.”

As part of the launch of this collection, beingAI will invite collectors of “Zbee Kindness” to go through a learning and certification process for mentoring AI beings. Trainers will be rewarded through Scoby’s groundbreaking royalty distribution protocol, Social Crypto Syndication™, for providing services and creating interactive programs and experiences that AI beings will deliver in a broad range of future applications.

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beingAI is the world’s first transmedia AI being™ company creating artificially intelligent characters that build long-term engagement and trust with people anywhere, anytime, on any device and media platform. We bridge disciplines in arts, psychology, artificial intelligence, and interactive storytelling to bring to the world delightful AI-enabled characters that deliver real value to people. AI beings have rich personalities, engaging conversations, and deliver real-world solutions—to entertain, educate, comfort, inspire, collaborate. Please visit for more information.

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Scoby Society is a public benefit corporation developing Scoby Social, our web3-native, censorship-resistant, token-gated, live audio-video social ecosystems on an app. Scoby Social is available for iOS and Android devices. On Scoby, you can build community, share experiences, make connections and earn royalties based on the NFTs you collect and create. We offer a safe place to explore, expand and enjoy the new world of on-chain creativity and collective engagement, and we’re committed to co-creating a harmonious world for all of humanity and our relatives in the community of all beings. Please visit for more information.

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