Socializing AI, the Next Frontier

AI-enabled applications are here to stay and can enhance our lives in many ways. In fact, most of us are interacting with some form of artificial intelligence several times a day on a daily basis. Whether it’s your Alexa, Siri, or Cortana voice assistant, the entertainment system in your car, or the customer service bot that popped up on the last eCommerce website you visited, AI is forever woven into our lives.  

And like humans, AI needs to be trained to effectively socialize with people and their different personalities.  The right AI socialization training will ensure that you are not forced to compromise on the ease of the natural interaction you are used to and the unique experience of human social interaction.  This type of enhanced human experience will also make the AI more useful, impactful, and capable of better integration with society.

For example, when an AI chatbot asks, “May I help you” or “how is your day going,” you should be able to feel that the AI really means it, and at the same time you should have confidence and trust in the AI. 

Bringing Interactive Characters Intelligently Alive with Useful Transmedia Storytelling

Manifestations of such AI can come in different forms such as embodiments through robots or through virtual characters. Making the same AI available through transmedia platforms will ensure the unbroken experience and unprecedented degree of familiarity anytime, anywhere, and on almost any device. The future is where there is no cognitive load on the human to adjust and adapt, or an unnecessary learning curve when trying to interact with AI. That means the experience should be indistinguishable whether interacting with AI or with another human. We believe this will lead to mass-market adoption. 

AI delivered through transmedia requires a combination of technologies at different levels, working together in a seamless manner, and at scale. We need to move beyond the intent and slotfilling-based chit-chat systems. We should aim toward a personalized AI companion, capable of assisting us in a variety of everyday situations, creating a shared sentiment in finding a solution, or simply sharing time with us. The ability to learn, adapt and adjust to each individual and to provide personalized experiences will be the key to sustainable interactive AI in the long term. Further, the elements of interactive fiction will bring in the adventure aspect of interacting with AI and co-creating the narration towards achieving a shared goal.

How beingAI is Addressing Socializing AI 

At beingAI, we are combining the latest advancements in AI, NLU or natural language understanding, cognitive science, affective computing, psychology, cloud services, distributed systems, character art and design, interaction modalities, interactive narrative, and transmedia storytelling to create the next generation of useful and transparent AI, to coexist with us with multimodal interaction and reasoning capabilities. 

These new AI agents will create an innovative spectrum of societal applications in healthcare, education, retail, tourism, and many other sectors. 

More specifically, our beingAI AI beings are capable of being customized to any domain or multiple domains at the same time, but never compromising on the core competency of being socially intelligent. Our AI beings will not replace humans but aim to bridge the gap between the human/AI connection.  They will have improved interaction with us, and at the same time, we will be training AI for our own improved life experience.  We will be able to discuss personal issues, with a neutral, non-judgemental AI being.  You will be able to learn a new concept without the fear of failing. Specific and personalized patterns of social interactions will help in early predictions concerning mental health conditions for teens and young adults. They can also help in stimulating the development of social skills of autistic children, boosting self-confidence, or even help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.   

Of course, with the pandemic, now social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation thanks to our socially intelligent transmedia experience. 

As we continue to develop our platform, our vision is for our users to have the experience of interacting seamlessly with our AI beings and mutually exchanging experiences to learn and grow together.  

Put simply, we are socializing AI, and creating extraordinary AI beings!

Amit Kumar Pandey, Ph.D.

CTO, CSO, and Co-Founder, beingAI

Images: beingAI