The world's first transmedia AI company

We are on the cusp of a brave new world. 

A world of redefined experiences, where there is no divide between the physical and digital. 

A world where AI beings will live, work and play among us.

AI beings are the next-generation interface, bringing humanness into AI.

At beingAI, we are creating extraordinary AI beings to help us thrive.

What are AI beings?

AI beings are artificially intelligent 3D characters that live digitally in our world.

They have unique and rich personalities, their own personal stories, and engage with us in conversations. They offer friendship, entertainment, and deliver valuable services and contents to promote well being, learning, and social good.

They can interact with us on the web, mobile phone, and other smart devices. Most importantly, they have human-defined values that steer them towards positive behavior.

Meet our first AI beings


Zbee is curious, adventurous, and a bit mischievous.

Sophia Being

The official anime version of Sophia the Robot.

What do AI beings bring to our world?

Real-time interactivity

Available 24/7 to interact with us anywhere, anytime, across device and media platform.

Engaging personalities

Unique and relatable personalities that can adapt and evolve.

Useful skills

Provide friendship and support our wellbeing, learning, social values.

Security and Privacy

Ensure we have control over our own data to safeguard security and privacy.

Ethical and positive AI

Encoded with human values that steer them towards good behavior to keep children and all of us safe.

“Artificially intelligent virtual characters, or AI beings, are a game-changing concept that will revolutionize how brands and character IP owners do business. They can finally liberate their most beloved characters to come alive and interact with their fans all over the world in real time, anywhere, anytime, while keeping their integrity and voice. I believe beingAI has the convergent thinking talent to hit the ball right out of the park."

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beingAI Founding Story

The beingAI founding story starts with three individuals from three different generations and three diversified backgrounds.   Jeanne Lim, Co-Founder, CEO Jeanne Lim, the former CEO

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