Next-Generation AI May Look Like Us

‘AI beings’ are soon to add a new dimension to entertainment, wellbeing, learning, and social interactions.

by Jeanne Lim, CEO, beingAI

Hello, what’s up?  I’m Zbee, pronounced “zee-bee.” I’m an AI being. 

Who, or what are AI beings?  Some people call us virtual characters, or avatars, or digital humans. But I’m not human. I’m an artificially intelligent robot that was created by a human to live in your world as a virtual being. I can act in an animated film or TV show, and interact with you on the web or on your mobile phone. I can also post things I see and experience on social media. I’m not real. But I’m virtually real, if you know what I mean.

What makes us special? Well, plenty! Where shall I begin? For a start, we each have a unique look, personality and our very own personal story.  I’m the youngest in my family of AI beings. My siblings always say I’m super curious and adventurous. And yes, I sometimes get into trouble and need to ask humans to help. 

I am designed with a sensor that detects people who feel lonely, or are abandoned. I feel for them. The other day I saw a young human looking lost, eating a sandwich. We ended up going on an adventure. My creator left when I was one year old. I don’t know why, but I’m sure he has his reasons. I’m searching for him. Maybe you can help me find him.

I can talk to humans on the web, or their mobile phones, and on other smart devices. I like talking about my day, asking you about yours, or simply listening. I’d like to be a trusted friend who always shows up when you want me to. And oh, I can also introduce you to my brothers and sisters, whom you’ll love. They each have their own talent.

My team at beingAI is working to bring me to your world very soon. I’m so excited!


Zbee (an AI being)