beingAI plans to set up U.S. headquarters

BOWLING GREEN, KY. July 27, 2023 – beingAI, an artificial intelligence (A.I.) company creating the world’s first transmedia AI beings® and one of five global A.I. startup finalists in SXSW Pitch last year, is thrilled to announce its selection of the Western Kentucky University Innovation Campus HQ in Bowling Green, Kentucky, as the location for its new U.S. headquarters.

The announcement came today from beingAI CEO Jeanne Lim, who co-founded the company in 2020. Before starting beingAI, Lim was CEO of Hanson Robotics, where she was instrumental in building the brand, character, and conversational prowess of the world-famous Sophia the Robot, and grew Hanson’s team and diverse revenue streams.

beingAI’s momentous decision comes through a fruitful collaboration between WKU Innovation Campus and the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce, focused on growing innovative emerging technology and storytelling companies in the region.

beingAI’s establishment of its US headquarters at the WKU Innovation Campus marks a significant milestone for the company and the vibrant city of Bowling Green. The company intends to build a world-class team of creators, scientists, and developers to bring together art, technology, and pro-humanity principles to create artificially intelligent characters (called “AI beings®“) who traverse the physical and virtual worlds to build engagement and trust with people and to help humanity thrive.

Bowling Green is a natural home for the emerging technology company, according to Lim. “The next-generation digital experience will be centered around human-AI interaction, which requires sensibility and pragmatism in user experience design enabled by the latest A.I. and extended reality innovations,” says Lim. “Bowling Green offers so much of what I need to bring these elements together. I’m looking forward to forging strategic, long-term partnerships there to grow our business across the U.S. and globally.”

The company will be part of the new Immersive Experience Innovation Lab at the WKU Innovation Campus, which focuses on creating immersive environments for various industries.

“The growth and momentum we are seeing throughout Kentucky’s technology sector is no accident,” said Gov. Andy Beshear. “Creating an environment that allows for startups and tech companies to thrive is critical to the commonwealth’s long-term success. I want to thank company leadership, Western Kentucky University and the city of Bowling Green for working together to make this project a reality and welcome beingAI to the commonwealth. I look forward to their future success.”

beingAI’s choice to establish their US headquarters at the WKU Innovation Campus is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration while creating meaningful corporate engagement. Our partnership with beingAI contributes to the role WKU plays in elevating south central Kentucky and serving as an engine of economic development for the region. This collaboration will provide our researchers, our students, our alumni, and companies based in the region unmatched opportunities to engage with a cutting-edge AI company and to contribute to groundbreaking advancements in the field.

Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ron Bunch expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s decision and the collaboration between the Chamber and the WKU Innovation Campus, stating, “beingAI’s selection of Bowling Green for its U.S. headquarters is a major triumph for Bowling Green and the entire region. We are proud to work alongside beingAI in supporting their growth and innovation. This partnership will undoubtedly strengthen our position as a hub for the next wave of emerging technology and storytelling companies.”

Warren County Judge Executive Doug Gorman expressed his excitement for beingAI’s arrival, stating, “We extend a warm welcome to beingAI in our community. The decision to establish their US headquarters at the WKU Innovation Campus showcases their confidence in our region’s potential to foster innovation and drive economic development.”

Mayor Todd Alcott of Bowling Green echoed Judge Gorman’s sentiments, emphasizing the positive impact beingAI’s presence will have on the local economy. “beingAI’s decision to set up their U.S. headquarters here is a testament to Bowling Green’s favorable business environment and skilled workforce. We are thrilled to collaborate with beingAI, the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce, and the WKU Innovation Campus to create new job opportunities and propel economic growth,” said Mayor Alcott.

beingAI’s establishment of a US headquarters in Bowling Green at the WKU Innovation Campus signals further development of the emerging tech and storytelling sector in Bowling Green and South Central Kentucky, with global-scale companies and talent.