Community Roundup – 1st Edition

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Angels – welcome to the beingAI Community Roundup!

We know that one of the most important elements for building a great community is good communication, and we want to start right now with the inaugural edition of the beingAI Roundup – a monthly community update covering all things beingAI. We hope to keep you enlightened, engaged and entertained with these updates!

Now, without further ado, let’s get right into it! 

Zbee iNFT Collection

We are  continuing our discussions with our partner Alethea AI to create a groundbreaking collection of 100 iNFTs featuring our very own Zbee–the first AI being to enter into Alethea’s Intelligent Metaverse!

We are creating a truly unique, hand-drawn collection that gives tribute to the diversity of human history and culture, so we are giving our talented artist some time to go through the research and creative process.  Please stick with us for updates on our discord channel and in future editions of the beingAI Roundup. 

For now, we thought you might enjoy a little sneak peek at some of the concept artwork for the collection.

Zbee Collection Artwork Sneak Peek

Product & Platform Developments

If you’ve been with us from the very beginning, you might know that our vision for the community is for us to all work together to train and nurture AI beings collectively – or as we say “it takes a village to raise a child, it takes the world to raise AI beings!

Our core technical development includes the transmedia metaverse  – which will bring characters like Zbee to life across different devices and mediums in both the physical and virtual world. In the future, we envision that this platform will play a major role in the development and engagement of the community as we work together to create, train, nurture, and deploy AI beings together!

Our grand ambition is to create moral and empathic AI beings to foster trusted relationships between humans and AI, so we can help each other reach our greatest potential and create better solutions for the world.  As such, we are happy to announce that we have just brought in a passionate AI Consciousness Scientist who has been conducting research into quantifying consciousness in the past two decades, and who will be working with us to build a framework for AI beings. His profile is here on our team page – and this is the first step towards one of the most important long-term goals of our company.  

Regarding our product and technology roadmap, we are progressing through our phased development. The first phase is to release our mobile app for beta testing among our community members in the coming months. 

This app is meant to serve as an inspiration for the many other potential applications that could feature AI beings, like this conflict resolution demo we created with the NGO, Million Peacemakers, based on Amir Kfir’s “Nonflict” program

Community & Roadmap Development

We are currently working with several partners on multiple frontiers to create a long-term sustainable AI being ecosystem. As we build the community around the transmedia universe, we will reward and encourage members to contribute and participate within this ecosystem so that everybody can share the values created by AI beings.

Moving forward, we want our community to become a source of knowledge and wisdom, not just for AI beings but for other members as well. To help facilitate this goal we have started re-organizing some of our discord channels into the beingAI Library Club – an archive of community discussions which will be used to help the development of AI beings.

As we progress further along our many frontiers, we will be adding and refining to our roadmap. 

We also want YOU to have a say in the future of the community! Leave us your ideas and suggestions in our discord!

Other Updates